Reconstruction and Synthesis

by 0N0

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released March 20, 2016

S - voice
A - guitars and voice
T - guitars, voice and programming

Music & lyrics by 0N0

Recorded and mixed in LU69 studio by 0N0
Guitars reamped in M2 studio
Additional mixing and mastering by Milan Malík in M2 Recording studio (
Additional instruments by A, T & Michalides
Field recordings by Jonáš Gruska & A
Graphic design & artwork by Lenka Hámošová (



all rights reserved


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0N0 Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia

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Track Name: A Farewell to Conscious Shores
A dethroned sovereign reposing naked, unprotected
Black reptile teeth ensphering the perspective
Examined by a ruthless, multiple gaze
Give up and submit to the serpent embrace!

Bleeding fingernails, trembling. Can’t hold any longer
A dissolving paradigm evaporated, torn asunder
A wound wide open. It’s a terrible fall
Unable to resist the inarticulate call

Dreamlike visions of nameless, inverted worlds
Cretinous phantasms, black depths unfold
Ruptured, disproportioned reality cells
Dismay, questioning the very self

Drifting in between these oblique realms

Let go, Dissolve now!

A craving for exaltation
To face the divinity
The divinity is godless
Unspeakable, thoughtless

A pierced nightsky
Universal, bottomless
Lie with the devil
Fornicate the goddess

One – now or never we become one

No one
No one
Track Name: Reconstruction and Synthesis
Bash! The mirrors are broken, shards all around
Safe haven burns, the skull hits the ground
Behold! A Powerful fortress once it used to be
Now it’s apart & you are... free!

Confusion turns to understanding, you learn to see
Know the "outside" realms of endless capacity
The shards give rise to a deeper quality
The fortress, a shrine now, devoid of deformity

Deconstruct – Sacrifice the rigid gods
Deconstruct – Tear down the sturdy facade
Reconstruct – Invoke the innate dream
Reconstruct – Navigate the inward stream

On your own, forever to be
To form a greater unity
Appease your Self & bleed
Rejoice now, manifest your need
Your Will!

Accept the dead man's face
Put on the dead man's face
Fulfill the dead man's fate
Track Name: Desolatry
Dead trees like claws tear a dull sky
An obsidian dolmen upon an empty hill
Aeons have passed without a single motion
The air smells of rotten filth

There is no moon to reflect the light
A deathlike aura emanates from the land
The ground covered in ebony fog
Awaiting a storm that has never come
Track Name: At Sixes and Sevens
Products of an infinite, formless, chaotic source
Reaching out with crippled, ineffective limbs
Trying to grasp, failing, losing course
Twisting an absurd reality to compensate inability

Willingly sealing a pact with ignorance
To gain doubtful solace
Voluntarily trapped outside
To acquire finite power

We are wrong
Do you believe me?

Unable to cope with a bitter end
Violently projecting the self
Adhering to fossilized dogmas
Sustaining egoic dominance

We are wrong
Do you believe me?
Don’t you believe me!
Track Name: Lucid Transmutation
Abstruse, irrational, a mindless vortex
A cognitive gutter, disturbance and nonsense
Awareness melted into an ocean of faeces
I.D.I.O.T.I.C., awkward, senseless pieces

Shameful and sincere
Pressed down
Distorted and illogical
Ground down
Perpetual implosion

Silence the relentless mumbling
Deactivate the automated form
Tranquilize the settings
And venture forth

Blissful, focussed, reasonless
A glimpse of the emptiness

Flesh as a beam of light
Chronology forlorn, surpassed
Beyond the last horizon
Space misplaced, time raped

Omnipresence, everything at once and not
Like the blink of an eye
In nothingness, the endless not
Infinity – the twisted naught